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Laparoscopic Segmental Colectomy

  • Laparoscopy
  • Admission the day before surgery
  • Bowel preparation required the day before
  • Operating time 2 hours
  • No nasogastric tube
  • Drinks allowed the day after surgery
  • Resump-tion of oral diet 2 days after surgery
  • Length of hospital stay 5 days on average
  • This proce-dure is part of our Fast Track program (enhanced recovery after surgery [ERAS] protocol

Colonic and Rectal Effects of Crohn’s Disease

First described by Lockhart and Morson in 1960, the colonic and rectal locations of Crohn's disease are isolated in about 1/3 of patients. The preferred surgical treatment for these forms is a total colectomy (as restricted as pos-sible) along with the restoration of digestive continuity during the same procedure.

Surgery is indicated for patients presenting :

- Colitis resistant to medical treatment
- Complicated colitis with symptomatic stenosis
- And/or complicated colitis with pre-cancerous lesions or colon cancer.
- Colitis with abscess and/or fistula not responding to medical treatment

In case of isolated segmental colic involvement, the surgeon may suggest a partial resec-tion of the colon and warn the patient about the risk of having to totalise the colectomy in case of new complications related to Crohn's disease. All these procedures are performed under laparoscopy and the surgical indications are validated after consultation with a gastroenterologist specialised in inflammatory bowel di-seases.Even after surgery, the patient is advised to continue immunosuppressive therapy to re-duce the risk of relapse.