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Founder of the MUST groupDr Antoine SopraniMake an appointment

Dr. Soprani is a former resident and former head of Clinique des Hôpitaux de Paris (Pitié Salpêtrière). He holds a specialised degree in cancer surgery and specialises in minimally in-vasive surgery. He performs all oncological procedures under laparoscopy and promotes the concept of enhanced recovery after surgery.

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He has been trained in all surgical techniques specific to bariatric surgery (One Port, Da Vinci X robotic surgery, Micro-Coelioscopy) and dedicates himself in particular to “rescue surgery” in case of complications (chronic fistulas, reflux, ulcers, etc.), weight recovery, or excessive weight loss (undernutrition).
He has been collaborating for many years with the Cordelier Research Centre and has ta-ken part in biomolecular research protocols to better understand the metabolic complications related to obesity. He regularly contributed to leading surgical journals and shares his expe-rience with other surgeons in France and abroad.
Dr Soprani is also an advocate for the mini-bypass and believes this technique is as re-liable a procedure as the Roux-en-Y bypass and should be recognised as such, as well as con-sidered one of the reference treatments for type 2 diabetes (metabolic surgery).

– Ancien interne des Hôpitaux de Paris de 2004 à 2009
– DES de CHIRURGIE GENERALE – Validation le 02/07/2009
– THESE DE DOCTEUR EN MEDECINE le 09/10/2009 à l’université PARIS EST Créteil Val de Marne. Directeur de thèse, DR Karoui Président de thèse PR Cherqui
– DESC de CHIRURGIE VISCERALE ET DEGISTIVE – Validation le 29/10/2010
– Ancien chef de clinique des universités – association des hôpitaux, à l’Université de PARIS-EST Créteil Val de Marne du 1er novembre 2009 au 1er Nomvembre 2011 . Service du PR Cherqui (chirurgie Hépato-biliaire, Digestive et Bariatrique)
– Ancien Chef de clinique des universités – Assistant des hôpitaux, à l’Université Pierre et Marie CURIE. Site Pitié– Salpêtrière depuis le 2 novembre 2011 au 1 novembre 2013
– Service de PR Hannoun (Chirurgie Hépato-biliaire, Digestive et bariatrique)
– Praticien Attaché ite Pitié Salpêtrière Chirurgie Bariatrique (Service PR Hannoun) du 2 novembre 2013 au 1er Novembre 2014

Associate founding membersDr Philippe BramaMake an appointment

After completing his medical studies at the Necker-Enfants Malades faculty in Paris, Dr. Philippe Brama was a resident at Lille University Hospital until 1996. He then held the posi-tions of Assistant Head of Clinic at Louis Mourier Hospital in Colombes, and at the Pitié Sal-pétrière until 2000.
Since 2000, Dr. Brama has been working in hospitals and private clinics.

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He practices laparoscopic surgery and is specialised in bariatric surgery (he has performed more than 2,000 procedures since 2000), in cancer surgery and in gallbladder and hernia surgery.
Associate founding membersDr Matthieu GirodetMake an appointment

Dr. Girodet specialises in digestive oncology, endocrine and bariatric surgery.
He has practiced oncology in 3 of the largest cancer centres of the Paris area in order to acquire expertise in the surgical treatment of colon and rectal cancers, as well as cancers of the oesophagus, pancreas, stomach and small intestine.

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The 2 years he spent at Saint Louis allowed him to specialise in endocrine surgery, as the hospital is a leading center for thyroid and parathyroid surgery.
He then went on practice bariatric surgery at Bichat Hospital, one of the pioneering centres in obesity surgery. He was then in charge of the bariatric surgery unit at Henri Mondor Hospital.

2003-2008 : AP-HP Resident
2008-2010 : Assistant Clinical Director at Saint Louis Hospital, Paris (Cancerology, Endocrine surgery)
2010-2011: Assistant Clinical Leader at Bichat Hospital, Paris (Bariatric Surgery)
2011-2012 : Assistant Clinical Leader at Henri Mondor Hospital, Créteil (Bariatric surgery and oncology)
2012-2013 : Part-time Medical Practitioner at Beaujon Hospital, Clichy (Colon and Rectal Cancer)

2. Post-University Career :
He then went on to practice medicine privately in two institutions :
– Claude Galien private hospital in Essonne
– Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Clinic in Paris

These two structures both have a resuscitation unit and a technical platform that enables them to deal with complex pathologies, and thus make use of Dr Girodet’s surgical expertise.

Associate founding membersDr Sylvie GueroultMake an appointment

Dr Sylvie Guéroult is a former resident and former head of Clinique des Hôpitaux de Pa-ris (Cochin and Saint Antoine Hospitals). She specialises in oncological surgery. She has done fundamental and clinical research on colon cancer and has been published in international journals.
She is also trained and educated in endocrine surgery and practices obesity surgery. She performs most procedures in a minimally invasive, laparoscopic approach.

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LeIn collaboration with other surgeons, Dr Guéroult opened the first Institute of Hernia in France, aiming to develop and improve new laparoscopic techniques and early rehabilitation in ambulatory surgery.
She is also trained in legal compensation and medical liability, and is a medical expert, working with insurance companies, lawyers and magistrates.
She is bilingual in French and English and speaks Spanish fluently.
– Former AP-HP Resident
– Diploma in General Surgery
– Diploma in Visceral and Digestive Surgery
– Diploma in Endocrine Surgery (Thyroid Glands, Parathyroid Glands, Adrenal Glands, Pancreas)
– Diploma in Medical Liability and Legal Compensation
– Diploma in Robotic Surgery
– Former Head of Clinic at Cochin Hospital, Paris
– Former Head of Clinic at Saint-Antoine Hospital, ParisShe practices privately in the following clinics:
– Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Clinic in Paris
– American Hospital of Paris (Dr Guéroult is accredited by the Embassy of the United States)
Associate founding membersDr Renaud CHICHEMake an appointment

Former resident and former assistant clinical director of the AP-HP, Dr. Renaud Chiche specialises in digestive surgery, oncology and obesity surgery. He is one of the pioneers of bariatric surgery, having performed his first laparoscopic gastroplasty in 1995. He is highly skilled and trained in all surgical techniques associated to minimally invasive surgery (ring, sleeve, bypass, intestinal short circuit…) and has operated on more than 5000 patients to this day.

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He was one of the first surgeons to practice laparoscopic surgery (first intervention in 1989) and uses this minimally invasive technique in almost all of his procedures — including digestive cancers.
His expertise in digestive oncology was acquired during his hospital training (St Louis Hospital and Beaujon Hospital) and was confirmed during his private activity in collaboration with many oncology centres.
He performs all known techniques pertaining to bariatric surgery and continues to try out new interventions to improve the results and the comfort of his patients.
He also teaches these techniques, shares and collaborates with other surgeons.
He organises training sessions for his young colleagues.
He is a member of the French Society of Obesity Surgery since its creation (SOFFCO).
He is particularly interested in the long-term post-operative follow-up of patients, and he encouraged the writing of a white paper on obesity with CNAO president Anne Sophie Joly.
He practices at the Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Clinic (Paris 5th) and the Ambroise Paré Clinic (Neuilly sur Seine).
– Medical studies at the Necker-Enfants Malades Faculty of Medicine (1976-1982)
– Former AP-HP Resident (1982-1986)
– Doctorate of Medicine (Paris V University), September 1986. Thesis: Surgical treatment of carcinoid syndrome
– Head of Clinic, AP-HP Assistant, Saint Louis Hospital and Beaujon Hospital, (1986-1990)
– Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Lariboisière Saint Louis 1986-1988 (Paris), and at the Faculty of Medicine Xavier Bichat 1988-1989 (Paris)
– Participation in the teaching of surgical semiology and surgical pathology at the Faculty of Medicine Lariboisière-Saint Louis from 1986 to 1988 (as head of clinic)
– Participation in teaching Digestive Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine Xavier-Bichat since 1988
– PGT on the surgical treatment of morbid obesity 24/06/1997, Clinique Bachaumont