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Rescue Surgery

In the event of a problem following an operation such as a ring, sleeve or bypass, there are surgical solutions :


“ I have a ring but I’m gaining weight ”

Removal of the band and conversion to gastric bypass is possible 9 times out of 10 during the same procedure.


“ I have a sleeve, I gain weight and I have reflux ”

The conversion of the sleeve into a by-pass is always possible.


“ I have a Roux-en-Y Bypass and I gain weight back ”

The intestinal circuit can be lengthened to increase malabsorption.


“ J’ai un by-pass et je n’en veux plus ”

The by-pass can be removed to restore the original anatomy.


“ I have an omega bypass (mini bypass) and I have reflux ”

The Omega by-pass can be transformed into a Y by-pass


“ I have a sleeve and I haven’t lost any weight ”

The conversion of the sleeve into a by-pass with pocket reduction is possible.