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Laparoscopic Left Colectomy

  • Laparoscopy
  • Admission the day before surgery
  • Bowel preparation required the day before
  • Operating time 2 hours
  • No nasogastric tube
  • Drinks allowed the day after surgery
  • Resump-tion of oral diet 2 days after surgery
  • Length of hospital stay 5 days on average)
  • This proce-dure is part of our Fast Track program (enhanced recovery after surgery [ERAS] protocol

Left-Sided Colon Cancer

The incidence of colon cancer is 20,000 new cases per year in France. In approximately 50% of cases, these tumours are localized in the left colon and sigmoid colon. Predisposing factors are age > 50 years, obesity, active smoking, and personal history of colorectal, endometrial, ovarian, or breast cancer. First-degree family history of colorectal cancer doubles the risk of colon or rectal cancer. Colonoscopy is the best test for diagnosing colon cancer and can be performed by your gastroenterologist. A colonoscopy screening is recommended from 50 years onwards, or even earlier for people at risk.

The first symptoms are :

- Unusual changes in your intestinal transit for more than 2 months
- Blood and/or mucus mixed with stool
- Anemia

Colon cancers have a good prognosis once they have been surgically treated, with a sur-vival rate of about 80% at 5 years. For left-sided colon cancers, the surgery involves removing the entire left side of the co-lon with all surrounding lymph nodes under laparoscopy. In the majority of cases, provisional pouches are not necessary and the resumption of transit will occur normally a few days after the operation. Depending on the results of the tumour microscopic examination, complementary che-motherapy may be suggested to reduce the risk of relapse.