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During the pre-operative anesthesia consultation, the patient receives all the information regarding the chosen treatment strategy, its benefits and its risks.
Ambulatory care requires that the patient must be specifically informed of the following:

– the need for a minder for the journey home;
– the prohibition of driving any vehicle during the first 12 hours due to anesthesia. Driving will be authorised depending on the disability resulting from surgery;
– the major effects of surgery and general or locoregional anesthesia and sedation on cog-nitive functions and alertness during the first 12 hours, leading to caution once back home.

The patient should also be informed of the possible side effects of prescriptive periopera-tive treatment (anxiolytics, major analgesics) on cognitive functions and the need for caution after returning home. The patient should also be informed of the interindividual variability of these side effects.
Jehovah Witnesses (In collaboration with the Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Clinic and the CLH)