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Laparoscopic Right Hemocolectomy

  • Laparoscopy
  • Admission the day before surgery
  • Bowel preparation required the day before
  • Operating time 2 hours
  • Nasogastric tube 48h after surgery
  • Resumption of oral diet 3 days after surgery
  • Length of hospital stay 5 days on average
  • This procedure is part of our Fast Track program (enhanced recovery after surgery [ERAS] protocol)

Right-Sided Colon Cancer

This type of cancer can be located by the descending colon, the right colic angle, or the right side of the transverse colon. The risk factors are the same as for left-sided colon cancers (see LEFT-SIDED COLON CANCER). Diagnosis is possible by booking a colonoscopy with your gastroenterologist.

Other necessary additional exams are :

- Thoraco-abdominopelvic CT scan to be performed in a radiology center
- Tumour marker assay (ACE, CA19.9)

These cancers come with good prognosis, with a survival rate higher than 80% at 5 years after curative surgery. The surgery involves removing the right side of the colon under lapa-roscopy. Temporary pouches aren’t necessary because the digestive continuity is restored during the surgical procedure. Depending on the results of the tumour microscopic examina-tion, the oncologist may need to offer additional chemotherapy to minimize the risk of re-lapse.